Melmak (L.I.P.U.S)



Melmak bone healing device is a convenient, NICE approved, 20 minute per day, home-based treatment which is proven to accelerate the speed of healing for fresh fractures, non-unions and fractures that are slow to heal.

Melmak delivers a Low Intensity Pulsed UltraSound, known as L.I.P.U.S, to the fracture site. The ultrasound signal delivers an acoustic pressure wave to the fracture site. This represents a mechanical force, which aims to improve circulation and help with the formation of new bone.

Studies using commercially available LIPUS devices have shown that on average, fresh fractures will heal 38% faster when treated with ultrasound. This is dependent on the type and location of the fracture.

Melmak has been especially designed for patient self-treatment. Once the ultrasound head has been strapped into position over the fracture site, simply press the on/off button to start the treatment.


Clinical Studies & N.I.C.E approval

N.I.C.E guidelines

Clinical Studies

The following schedule lists some examples of clinical studies that have been carried out on low intensity pulsed ultrasound systems (LIPUS).